Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fearless Dreaming

(above photos by Becky Coppelia Yee)

It might seem a bit redundant to pair being fearless with being an eco fashion designer these days. Challenging times certainly require innovative thinking and bold ideas regarding sustainability and eco styling. This is why I love dear art + fashion friend, Meiling Chen and her incredibly resourceful and sculpturally draped pieces. Fueled by a Taiwanese family tradition of smart tailoring and impeccable construction details, Meiling's designs are a free-spirited and adventurous take on hand-dyed organic fabrics coupled with waste-free eco chic couture. This bright rising star will be showing pieces from her latest collection at this evening's Eco Chic HK fashion show at the W Hotel Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more coverage on this event in Eco Fashion World's news column.

(above photo by Quinn Batson)