Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sparkle in the New Year with Heather Heron

Congratulations to designer Heather Heron for a fabulous year as the VOGUE 'It Girl' of sustainable style accessorizing. Even Mila Kunis got in on the action during 2009 by toting a sparkly Heather Heron clutch at a NYC Ballet fete. Hop on over to TRUNKSHOW for a sampling of Heather's gorgeous creations for 2010. Her newest Environment Collection draws inspiration from a life lived responsibly in the radiance and glow of nature's purest elements.

"Nature has always been my compass for expression. My life by the ocean feeds me in so many ways ... surfing, swimming, and listening to the dolphins communicating. Skinny dipping during late nights with my husband and friends, then falling asleep by the water's edge. My sense of wonder is abundant and thriving." - H.H.

Hello, January 2010, we greet you with open arms and the glow generated by living, loving, and sharing to the utmost.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rock the New Year with Joann Berman

Good riddance faded palette of 2009, hello bold and groovy textiles of 2010. Joann Berman rocks the house with these recycled textile creations. Word is, she might even be making a showing at The Green Shows this February.

*The designs featured above are available via her online store.

Eko-Lab's Holiday Event Shines Bright

Eko-Lab designers host visitors at Ekovaruhuset/The House of Organic

Festive winter window at Ekovaruhuset/The House of Organic

Eco collections/designs by Melissa Kirgan, Xing-Zhen Chung, Tara St. James, Renata Mann, and Dirty Librarian Chains

Eco collections/designs by Meiling Chen, Xing-Zhen Chung, and Abigail Doan

Renata Mann's fiber and mixed media jewelry

Renata Mann's fiber and mixed media jewelry

Xing-Zhen Chung's fiber and mixed media piece

*A selection of images from the Eko-Lab holiday event at Ekovaruhuset/The House of Organic during the days leading up to Christmas. More images can be found here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Travels & Good Style To All

*image at left Bulgarian embroidery sampler; image at right courtesy of Filep Motwary

I will be off to the farm in upstate NY early in the morning to see family and tend to the sheep in the fields. Hoping to catch a few snowflakes, eat, drink, be merry, and reflect on all the goodness of 2009. I will then be gearing up to travel to beloved Bulgaria for a few months in order to work on new fiber projects, see dear art friends like Ceca, and perhaps visit the lovely folks at BOA Studio in Istanbul. (Do not miss their new online shop.) Watch out Helene and Eva in Paris and Annouk in Amsterdam ~ 2010 might finally be the year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Living on the Fringe Pants by Isobel & Cleo

I SO love these amazing lambswool 'fringe pants' by Isobel & Cleo.

Head-turning and *fashion flurry* fabulous.

The rocking 'shake it up baby' ingredients include:

1 knitter
1 machinist
approx 1 kilo of lambswool knitted into panels for fringe
approx 3.5 meters of Vilene
Irish Linen
Swiss Dot lining
3 weeks assembly
a lot of hand cramping from cutting fringe

*availbable on etsy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eko-Lab Holiday Event This Weekend

There will be a *fun & festive* eko-sale this weekend at The House of Organic (123 Ludlow Street) featuring original designs by Eko-Lab ladies, Melissa Kirgan and Xing-Zhen Chung, Tara St. James, Renata Mann Jewelry, Dirty Librarian Chains, and eco media pieces by artist and writer, Abigail Doan.

Hours for the openhouse are 1pm-8pm Saturday & Sunday with free crochet lessons offered on-site by the very eko-crafty 'XZ'. Join us for the beauty of sustainability and the cheer of community building ~ all in one cozy, nest-like setting.

Double zipper cuff by Tara St. James

Mixed media panel (detail) with vintage gold thread, laces, shells, beeswax, lace bobbin, and natural fiber (Abigail Doan, 2009)

Dirty Librarian Chains by Susan Domelsmith

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ShiboriLove's Hand-Dye Alchemy Chic

ShiboriLove's one-of-a-kind hand-dyed tights and accessories

"The name ShiboriLove comes from 'shibori', the Japanese resist-dyeing technique used to create our unique patterns. Shibori is an art in which flat cloth is manipulated into a three-dimensional surface through folding, pleating or bunching. When the fabric is dyed the tightly bound areas resist the dye and are not colored. When the binding materials are removed they reveal the intricate abstract patterns formed by the protected areas."

- Jessie Fair, ShiboriLove founder and recent graduate of Cornell University's Fiber Science & Apparel Design program

Shibori-dyed fabrics drying in the sunlight

Growth Series (detailed views) by Jessie Fair of ShiboriLove

(wool felt, wool roving, silk organza, and immersion dyeing)

*ShiboriLove by Jessie Fair

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fearless Dreaming at House of Organic NYC

'Fearless Dreaming' collaborative art & sustainable fashion installation at Ekovaruhuset/House of Organic in NYC this past weekend

'Fearless Dreamer', designer Meiling Chen, visits with guests at the weekend's open house (sculpture by Sara Hubbs in foreground)

Fabulous and fearless shoe sculpture by Sara Hubbs

Designer Meiling Chen (in reflection) with her print illustrations and sustainable fashion collection

'Winged' recycled shoe sculpture by Sara Hubbs

Mixed media drawing and fiber installation by Abigail Doan and Meiling Chen

Fiber forms by Abigail Doan and stitch/cloth drawing by Meiling Chen

Friday, December 11, 2009

'Fearless Dreaming' at House of Organic in NYC

photograph of Meilng Chen by © Gudrun Georges 2009

Join the original 'fearless dreamer', Meiling Chen and I as well as other amazing artists, musicians, and live performers at House of Organic in NYC this weekend for a medley of interactive events related to sustainable style, 'fashioning self', and being creatively fearless. Artists Sara Hubbs and Rob Strati of Strati Lab will have pieces on view (& available for purchase). Consider it the perfect antidote to the holiday rush, with slow design goodness and community building galore.

*Click on the flyer below for the weekend schedule and location details. There will be a special open house with refreshments between 1-6pm on Saturday, 12/12.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saara Lepokorpi's NICE Summit Award

Saara Lepokorpi's award-winning sustainable designs (photo: Liisa Valonen, model Christel/Paparazzi)

Congratulations to fashion designer Saara Lepokorpi from Finland, for her stellar award at the Fashion Summit runway presentation in Copenhagen last evening. Sara's chic, sustainable designs included the material Ingeo, based on annually renewable sugar plants.

Learn more about Saara's innovative work here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Summit Copenhagen = NICE

Danish fashion designer Camilla Stærk's 'Spine Rug' crafted out of wool

Fashion Summit Copenhagen

While politicians gather in the Bella Center for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Nordic fashion industry gathers at The Opera House in Copenhagen to participate in this year's most important fashion event – the Fashion Summit – part of the Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) project.

"On the brink of potentially dangerous climate change and with attention on corporate social responsibility soaring to new heights, the world needs innovators who can lead the push toward a more sustainable economy. The fashion industry has the potential to be one such innovator, working proactively to address critical environmental,social, and ethical challenges on a global scale."

The Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) has been established to motivate and assist companies in the Nordic fashion industry in becoming more sustainable. NICE is a groundbreaking collaboration that brings together the entire Nordic fashion industry around the shared goal of incorporating sustainable values, principles, and practices into the industry and making a difference globally.

Fashion Summit Copenhagen will initiate this global process by catalyzing a discussion on the evolution of a successful fashion industry in a world where new business models are required to tackle the growing sustainability challenges facing the planet and our societies. What exactly does a sustainable fashion industry look like and what does it take to get us there?

Keynote speakers will address the issue at the Fashion Summit:

Laurent Claquin, Senior VP, Corporate Social Responsibility at PPR Group
Julie Gilhart, Senior VP, Fashion Director at Barneys New York
Ingrid Schullström, Head of CSR at H&M
Christian Kemp-Griffin, Chief Mission Officer at Edun
Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Editor at Financial Times
Ros Harvey, Global Programme Manager at Better Work
Marjorie Yang, Chairman of Esquel
Peder Michael Pruzan-Jørgensen, Managing Director Europe at BSR