Saturday, February 21, 2009

London FW meet Sofia FW

With London Fashion Week now in full swing, it is brilliant to see the momentum that Esthetica and ethical fashion designers everywhere have created at all fashion week events. Friday evening's Noir runway show was consistently state-of-the art and a frontrunner in the crusade to eliminate any remaining dowdiness from eco fashion labels.

Stoyan Radichev's gold ruffled, luxe mini-dress at Sofia Fashion Week; photo by Abigail Doan

This past week's Sofia Fashion Week also featured some of the country's most-noted fashion designers in showroom exhibitions and a runway show today.

Evgeni Petkov's embellished 'peacock' gown at Sofia Fashion Week; photo by Abigail Doan

Bulgaria has an amazing tradition of embroidered costumes and textile handicraft, so it was interesting to view contemporary interpretations of haute couture with rich adornment details. Although support for eco fashion is still gaining ground here, Sofia Fashion Week organizers are optimistic about steps already being taken on Bulgaria's eco fashion and fair trade frontier. Stay tuned for more coverage of select designers from the week as well as follow up on future sustainability initiatives.

The Noir show at Estethica; photo by Sarah Lee/The Guardian

* Top Photo (left) of Noir at LFW from The Guardian; (right) Stoyan Radichev's wedding gown design at Sofia Fashion Week; photo by Abigail Doan