Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lina Rennell * A/W 2009 Collection

I am in love with Lina Rennell's S/S 09 Big Sur Meets Helsinki collection, but her upcoming A/W 09 Knitting From The Past, Present & Beyond collection is adorably fresh, craft-happy, and chic. Those pom-pom accessories are pretty sweet, and the 'shaggy petal bowls' in fired clay are perfect finds for the eco-hipster who seems to have everything earthen.

See more of Lina Rennell's refreshing vision here.

"Fall/Winter 09 ponders connections between people via their work, past, present & beyond. Inspired by knitting, ants, dreaming, the hot pink flesh of prickly pears and the dead. Connecting to one another by continuing bodies of work over generations, we are never true individuals. Nothing is done without those who first labored, from the pencil, to mathematics, to the naming of a color, and even breathing the words I love you. Yet we need the idea of the individual to continue our callings and passions. In life and death we connect. Maybe it's more simple...when the weather grows cold, we look for comfort." - Lina Rennell