Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Medium is the Message

Walnut wood and sterling silver bracelet by Ema Fernandes Jewelry, photo courtesy of Ema Fernandes via

Laser-cut cork bangle by Anthony Roussel, photo courtesy of Anthony Roussel via

Krystof Strozyna embellished slinky dress, photo courtesy of Devon Jarvis via

This is a whittled down selection of several 'tree hugger' fashion items that were featured on on April 28. Gorgeous and luxe, though not necessarily sustainable in terms of materials, if at all. It seems to me that *treehugging* to the core entails a conscious and informed use of environmentally and socially beneficial materials. I so want to see these Alexander McQueen designs crafted out of bamboo, Ingeo, or Tencel.

Marshall McLuhan was no fool, and our global village should be populated by informed consumers who know the difference between tree hugging and season-to-season designer hugging.

Faux-grain silk jacket by Alexander McQueen, photo courtesy of Devon Jarvis via

T-strap heel by Charlotte Olympia, photo courtesy of Devon Jarvis via

* Tree Hugger style ideas were compiled by Kate Lanphear for

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