Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grass-Sprouting eCouture

Michele Brody's 'River Grass Skirts' installation at the World Financial Center Winter Garden in lower Manhattan

"Site-specific artist Michele Brody has constructed five 'grass-sprouting' skirts for display in the World Financial Winter Garden in NYC. Each living, lace garment hangs individually off armatures made from recycled copper piping that will support the growth of Native Purple Love Grass, indigenous to the Hudson River waterfront. By interweaving manmade, natural and living materials Brody attempts to create an experience where viewers develop a new sense of awareness of the tenuous relationship between themselves, nature and the urban environment.

On Saturday, May 9, the skirts will be worn and featured at the Hudson River Pageant: Art & Ecology Project whose mission is to raise awareness for the restoration of the Hudson River and address climate change in New York City."

via arts>World Financial Center

Grass skirt sculpture/photography by Michele Brody

Grass skirt sculpture/photography by Michele Brody

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