Friday, May 1, 2009

Sustainable Sensationalism

'Palace Yurt' by Janice Arnold - images via Apartment Therapy

So exciting to see the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's Fashioning Felt exhibit receive some sensational coverage in the New York Times arts section today. Janice Arnold's hand-made felt folly in the museum's sunroom casts new light on an ancient material that speaks volumes to our current desire for sustainable solutions.

I will be stealing some time this weekend to experience the Living Perfume exhibit by Mandy Aftel at Henri Bendel. Alchemist Aftel believes 'in the sense of smell as a way to reconnect with nature in our post-industrial society. Her line of natural fragrances will be on view alongside a collection of writings, rare books, bottles, and other ephemera that help tell the story of the ancient practice of blending natural essential oils. Apropos to the subject matter, the entire exhibit, which is the first of its kind in New York City, has been designed and installed using sustainable materials sourced in an eco-friendly way.'


Bulgarian roses used in essential oils - from The Valley of the Roses

The 2nd Annual NYC Wildflower Week runs from May 2 - 9, with a particular focus on native plant beds and local greening initiatives. Piet Oudolf, gardener and 'new wave planter' extraordinaire is the maestro of native plant and grass landscaping. Oudolf is the inspiration behind the current trend in more naturalistic planting palettes. A calendar of events is available here.

Piet Oudolf Landscape Design

Piet Oudolf Landscape Design

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