Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Divina 'Mola' Boot by The Aware Network

I am so enthralled with these 'Divina' boots from the Australian-based Aware Network. They are uniquely crafted from recycled, patterned 'mola' textile art by Kuna Indian women indigenous to Colombia, South America.

Molas are hand-made using a reverse appliqué technique. Several layers (usually two to seven) of different-coloured cloth (usually cotton) are sewn together; the design is then formed by cutting parts of each layer away. The edges of the layers are then sewn down; the finest molas have extremely fine stitching, made using tiny needles.

The Divina Boot is 100% animal-friendly vegan and fair trade. Each pair is artfully designed with 10% of profits going directly to charity.

* The Aware Network via the Ethical Fashion Forum Network

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