Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ethical Fashion Forum's Social Network

image courtesy of EFF and Elena Garcia

The Ethical Fashion Forum, global leaders in ethical and sustainable fashion, have launched a new, innovative social networking site for anyone interested or involved in the industry. Through this growing international network, individuals can make connections and interact with one another in order to stay updated with current issues. By signing up for free, users will gain valuable access to a wealth of insider information, discussions, event listings and advice.

The site is easily navigable through a variety of groups dedicated to: ‘Consumers’, ‘Re:Source’, ‘Suppliers’, ‘Students’, and groups for specific countries. Networking also encompasses the popular blog, including the weekly blog from the EFF’s India correspondent as well as the Discussion Forum which contains the EFF’s monthly discussion topics and subjects and questions introduced by members.

image courtesy of EFF and Rani Jones

*Invite friends, send messages, edit your profile, add photos and videos, engage in discussions and keep track of favorites.

To learn more about the Ethical Fashion Forum Network, as well as EFF’s consultancy services, events, workshops and competitions, visit

I will be joining as an EFF network member today - I look forward to seeing you there!

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