Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Loza Maléombho Launches Côte d'Ivoire Street Chic

June 16th marked the official launch of Loza Maléombho, a bold new Fair trade collection which celebrates chic, textile rich fashion as a means to provide improved conditions and job opportunities for communities in Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa). Sustained economic development in this region would allow for local facilities and workshops for Loza Maléombho's garment production, and in turn help with much needed health and education initiatives. In true style, Loza Maléombho intends to donate a percentage of their profits to the construction of local schools and hospitals.

Loza Maléombho is a high street fashion brand launched in 2009, based in the heart of New York City. Their smart new label offers contemporary clothing for the fashion-forward, international woman: a mixture of modern and trendy silhouettes with an ethnic and tribal textile edge.

* visit for the Origins statement video teaser of the Pre Collection 2009

** images courtesy of Loza Maléombho and Ghubar Magazine

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ejordanill said...

i'm waiting for the chance to buy some pieces. until then, i'll follow all of the quality work.