Sunday, June 14, 2009

NV London Calcutta Collection

One of the smartest things that I did this past week was join the Ethical Fashion Forum's social networking site. Not only is it rewarding to connect with like-minded individuals and their sustainable and ethical business enterprises, but it is also inspiring to see the difference that these talented designers are making in just about every corner of the globe.

One of my favorite eco fashion finds from EFF's network is NV London Calcutta. Naomi Cornelius-Reid is definitely a woman on a mission, and with a family history of doing great work in Calcutta, India, it is no surprise that her ethically-crafted accessories collection carries with it both integrity and a respect for a region and its people. If you really want to get inspired, visit her website and meet the talented individuals behind this new eco-luxurious collection. I love their exquisite silk scarves that are large enough to don as a chic summer sarong.

"Ethically produced in Calcutta by a ‘not for profit’, World Fair Trade Organisation (IFAT) member manufacturer, NV London Calcutta brings innovative design and high quality production to the ethical accessories fashion fore, filling the gap between the standard, ethical offerings and high fashion."

Founder Naomi Cornelius-Reid states: “We are incredibly proud to launch NV London Calcutta’s first Classic Collection. We’ve worked extremely hard to fuse the best of rising British design talent with fair, sustainable business practice and the promotion of Indian artisan craftsmanship and skills at a price point that won’t break the bank. Our emphasis is on highest quality materials, fittings and finishing and finding the right partners to work with where we can really make a difference to their employees’ lives while at the same time producing bags and accessories that will excite the buyer long before they know the products’ heritage. Fashion should be about style first and foremost, but style that comes at no cost to others.”

* NV London Calcutta

** Calcutta photography by Tom Parker

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