Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leblas Collection's Filigree Chic

Black Silver Filigree Links Bracelet by Leblas

Rosette White Silver Bangle by Leblas

A favorite new ethical jewellry design house, the stunning Leblas Collection with a gorgeous boutique at 149 Sloane Street in London to boot.

The Leblas modern interpretation of filigree metalwork combines traditional European craftsmanship with sustainable production methods and artisanal, small-scale mining. All pieces are handcrafted in slow design fashion out of 100% recycled gold, silver or platinum, sourced from a carefully selected single refinery.

Filigree chic earrings + Arabel Lebrusan and Clare Winfield

Leblas heirloom collectible necklaces, earring, rings, bracelets, and limited edition pieces are designed by award-winning artist Arabel Lebrusan in collaboration with artisans in ateliers throughout Spain. Leblas is also committed to using precious gemstones and diamonds from fair trade approved suppliers, such as the Brazil Gems venture.

Eco chic mannequin bedecked in garlands of jasmine outside of the Leblas store on Sloane Street

"The creative brain behind the business is award-winning designer, Arabel Lebrusan, who uses artisans throughout Spain to achieve a high level of perfected craftsmanship across the range. She started the business in 2007 with Clare Winfield: having both worked intensively in the Far East over the last ten years, they shared an enthusiasm for creating design-led jewellery in a way that was comfortable and sustainable for the workers and which revitalised traditional European techniques. Leblas aims to establish an apprenticeship scheme that will allow the transfer of jewellery-making skills to the next generation before they die out completely, and from this noble goal, we can all benefit." - The GoodWebGuide.Co.UK

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