Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Wave Eco Florals with Lila B. Design

There is nothing more gorgeous than greenery mixed with horticultural artistry, but when the materials for floral design and event arrangement are also cultivated in an environmentally savvy manner, this is indeed the best of eco finery. Lila B. Design, founded by Baylor Chapman, is an independent floral and garden design firm based in San Francisco. Their exquisite event designs use local materials whenever possible, with a focus on organically grown products - including a resourceful new initiative by Baylor to transform urban cityscapes by growing flowers and plants in barren plots in the heart of industrial San Francisco neighborhoods.

“Immediately it became apparent that the(se) gardens were bringing beauty, nature and ecology to spaces that would otherwise be trash-laden cement tops,” says Chapman. In addition to growing needed vegetables, plants and flowers, the green spaces offer a new home for such vital insects as butterflies, bees and ladybugs. “The gardens also create a community-enriching experience,” Chapman notes, “bringing neighbors together for the first time by giving them a talking point and a gathering opportunity.”

Lila B. Design is cleverly redefining the way that we celebrate and disseminate the seeds of true green style, from soil to table and all around the beloved hood.

*above images courtesy of Lila B. Design; photo credits as follows: Lisa Leigh Photography (image 3 & 4); Shields Photography (image 5); Sophie de Lignerolles (image 1& 6)

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