Sunday, September 20, 2009

How To 'Colonize' London Fashion Week

The last time that I met with designer Ada Zanditon she asked me if I could keep a secret about her current fascination with bees, their nest colonies, and the eye-opening book, A World Without Bees.

Little did I know that she has these amazing designs and prints in the works. So genius, Ada Zanditon's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection - COLONY - which showed last Friday night at London Fashion Week.

I am sad that I missed Ada's show at Vauxhall, but I am happy to know that designers like her are thinking long and hard about the common characteristics and environmental issues that have resonance for us, both on and off the runway. Ada Zanditon is more than one to watch, she is one to feel truly hopeful about.

*all images by Paul Perksy

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