Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tara St. James Democratizes NYFW

'Gold Fringe Zipper Necklace' by Tara St. James

'Striped Jersey Fringe Necklace' by Tara St. James

'Ruffled Pearl Necklace' by Tara St. James

Eco Fashion designer Tara St. James of The Square Project and the new collective Study NY will be showing her latest sustainable creations as part of The GreenShows at New York Fashion Week today. The professed math nerd and totally innovative designer did not get to the shows by simply hobnobbing, though. Her resourceful spin on the discarded bits of the fashion industry have found new life in her latest collection with its wink to the 'beauty in numbers' method of her designs.

Determined entrepreneur that she is, Tara also rallied community support by asking friends, neighbors, and like-minded 'sustainalistas' to contribute to the fee for showing at NYFW. It seems as if fashion week has not only been cleaned up and greened up this year, but democratized a bit for the masses who are hungry to take part and implement change. Good luck to Tara and all of the other GreenShows designers, who I will be highlighting over the next week. Stay tuned also for a fresh green surprise from the sustainable style team over at Inhabitat, who have a bit of fashion democratizing going on as well.

The Square Project from Jesse Benjamin on Vimeo.

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