Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thank you, Anna Star

I am taking a moment on this beautiful first Sunday back in Manhattan to thank my amazing summer research intern, Anna Myint. Anna was a brilliant 'virtual' assistant while I was in Europe this summer, and I am excited that she is now starting new post-grad coursework at Parsons as well as a paid internship with the fashion house of her choice. It was so energizing to have Anna's input on my blog Ecco*Eco, a non-commercial resource for ideas on sustainability, textiles, and their intersections with the arts.

You can follow Anna's very witty blog about her adventures in the New York fashion world here. Her FNO coverage is totally heart-warming as a new girl in town. Anna's words of wisdom: "Never give up on something you think about everyday."

Thank you again, Anna, for sharing your ideas and wisdom with me. *Shine on*

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