Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guerrilla Gardening Chic That Is Truly Luxe

I am not the most militant person when it comes to scrutinizing eco fashion, but there are some definite guidelines that I believe should be upheld when talking about green design and sustainability. On this note, I feel that I have to speak up about VOGUE's November issue featuring a fashion spread called, 'Midnight in the Garden of Good'. The luxe-label layout was intended to highlight the 'subversive' activity of renegade green guerillas and the night-prowling activity of the guerilla gardening movement.

What I do not understand about this story is why the stylist opted to highlight so few eco fashion labels and standout designers? What a missed opportunity to feature green-luxe designs available at chic boutiques like Beklina, Eco Citizen, Green In The City, Kaight, and Trunkshow - to name a few. There were surely wheelbarrow loads to choose from for this hip gardening photo shoot.

Let's keep the green in green while also cultivating educational links with mainstream media. Just a little bit of fashion research goes along way, folks. A Prada Ostrich bag that retails for $4,990 does not make the green cut - at least not in my hood.

*above images from VOGUE November 2009 issue


Yuka said...

You go girl! It would definitely make much more business sense for Vogue to have showcased sustainable designers and not fall into the talk the talk but can't walk the walk category. Thanks for putting them on blast!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I couldn't agree more, what an insulting spread! It's like the spreads they do in rural Indian villages or African plains, where the model stands next to a family wearing stained t-shirts and sports an couture outfit that could buy the family a good life for many years.

What a wonderful editorial it could've been, even to just go light-weight and showcase efforts from the big names (Stella McCartney organic cotton tote, anyone?), this is as you said a crippling waste of oppurtunity.