Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Organic Symphony' by BOA Studio

I so love these latest graphic expressions by Istanbul-based eco-fashion designers Sena Çevik and Seray Cengiz of BOA Studio. I have been a fan of BOA for quite some time and consider myself to be a neighbor of sorts given all of the time that I now spend in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their latest 'Organic Symphony' collection melds the best of organic 'pamuk' (cotton) with signature doodles and enviro-art whimsy. Each piece is a unique work of art that utilizes the best organic materials as a fashionable canvas.

*If you happen to be in colorful Istanbul this weekend, check out BOA Studio's 'Organic Symphony' Winter 2010 collection and their new project 'Boa Re-cycled' at Babylon Lounge in Istanbul on November 21st/22nd.

*BOA Studio


pal shazar said...

how in the world do i order online from these brilliant designers???

Abigail Doan said...


you can contact the designers via their website to inquire about ordering. it sounds as if there might be some ordering options online/in the U.S. soon.

i will keep you posted here at Ecco*Eco!

thanks for reading ~ abigail