Monday, November 16, 2009

Walk the Talk with El Naturalista

What can I say? I am smitten with El Naturalista's eco friendly footwear and their company mission to connect each one of us with a deep-rooted sense of place. Founded as a humble operation in La Rioja (Spain), El Naturalista today has a team of talented designers who travel the globe as 'inspired naturalists' in search of better ways of doing and making things.

I am definitely the type to wear my boots to the very end of their lifespan (and back again), but the latest collection from El Naturalista really got me thinking about where I am really going, what I am doing, and who is alongside me, in both spirit and action. How often does footwear serve as a catalyst for such reflection and awareness?

See for yourself. I cannot make the journey for you. But yes, these boots were made for walking, talking, and examining the footprints we leave behind.

'Nido' boot/El Naturalista Collection

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