Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Summit Copenhagen = NICE

Danish fashion designer Camilla Stærk's 'Spine Rug' crafted out of wool

Fashion Summit Copenhagen

While politicians gather in the Bella Center for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Nordic fashion industry gathers at The Opera House in Copenhagen to participate in this year's most important fashion event – the Fashion Summit – part of the Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) project.

"On the brink of potentially dangerous climate change and with attention on corporate social responsibility soaring to new heights, the world needs innovators who can lead the push toward a more sustainable economy. The fashion industry has the potential to be one such innovator, working proactively to address critical environmental,social, and ethical challenges on a global scale."

The Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) has been established to motivate and assist companies in the Nordic fashion industry in becoming more sustainable. NICE is a groundbreaking collaboration that brings together the entire Nordic fashion industry around the shared goal of incorporating sustainable values, principles, and practices into the industry and making a difference globally.

Fashion Summit Copenhagen will initiate this global process by catalyzing a discussion on the evolution of a successful fashion industry in a world where new business models are required to tackle the growing sustainability challenges facing the planet and our societies. What exactly does a sustainable fashion industry look like and what does it take to get us there?

Keynote speakers will address the issue at the Fashion Summit:

Laurent Claquin, Senior VP, Corporate Social Responsibility at PPR Group
Julie Gilhart, Senior VP, Fashion Director at Barneys New York
Ingrid Schullström, Head of CSR at H&M
Christian Kemp-Griffin, Chief Mission Officer at Edun
Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Editor at Financial Times
Ros Harvey, Global Programme Manager at Better Work
Marjorie Yang, Chairman of Esquel
Peder Michael Pruzan-Jørgensen, Managing Director Europe at BSR

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