Monday, December 14, 2009

Fearless Dreaming at House of Organic NYC

'Fearless Dreaming' collaborative art & sustainable fashion installation at Ekovaruhuset/House of Organic in NYC this past weekend

'Fearless Dreamer', designer Meiling Chen, visits with guests at the weekend's open house (sculpture by Sara Hubbs in foreground)

Fabulous and fearless shoe sculpture by Sara Hubbs

Designer Meiling Chen (in reflection) with her print illustrations and sustainable fashion collection

'Winged' recycled shoe sculpture by Sara Hubbs

Mixed media drawing and fiber installation by Abigail Doan and Meiling Chen

Fiber forms by Abigail Doan and stitch/cloth drawing by Meiling Chen

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Le Loup said...

beautiful post! so sorry to have missed, it looks so so lovely :)