Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Wellness: Amazing Art on a Gray Day

Mandy Greer just keeps upping the ante. The woman is truly amazing.

"“Zuster Sweostor Systir”, a companion show to my project from this past spring and summer “Mater Matrix Mother and Medium”, opens on First Thursday, Feb. 4th 2010 at Ohge Ltd Gallery in Seattle. The show features a film made in collaboration with Ian Lucero, created out of Zoe Scofield and Morgan Henderson’s performance from MMMM, performance artifacts, as well as photographs created in collaboration with Jennifer Zwick, performance photos by Juniper Shuey, as well as paper quilts and objects and photos created in collaboration with Paul Margolis that came out of my continued fascination with the fabricated woods we find around Seattle."

OPENS February 4 at Ohge Ltd. View more gorgeous images here.

*photos by Paul Margolis/courtesy of Mandy Greer

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Wellness: Balance & Samtosa

Bulgaria's Rhodopi Mountains in winter mist

Tomorrow is the first day of the annual Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco, and while I am warm and content here in Eastern Europe, I am also fantasizing about a heat-generating, yoga intensive in my favorite U.S. city. When at home in NYC, I tend to practice at Exhale Spa in Manhattan, which is also where I learned about the fabulous new yoga collection, Samtosa Clothing.

'Samtosa' means 'contentment' in Sanskrit, - an ideal state for an evolved inner-outer workout. Founders David Eber and Wayne Malen have made a genuine commitment to creating high-quality organic yoga attire with the most environmentally and socially conscious mission as the backbone to their company.

Samtosa Clothing aims to donate a portion of their profits each year to the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA), a non-profit organization working in the United States and around the world to combat child exploitation, especially child trafficking and slavery.

Samtosa Clothing's form-celebrating organic cotton and bamboo collection (made in the USA) - celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Trudie Styler, & Sting sport their designs

For anyone who is in San Francisco this upcoming weekend, you will be able to meet Samtosa Clothing as an exhibitor at the Yoga Journal San Francisco Marketplace, which is FREE and open to the public. Visit both #128 and soak up the organic glow.

*Samtosa Clothing

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Wellness: Kahina Giving Beauty

Berber women preparing local argan nuts for oil extraction (image courtesy of Goodlifer)

After a very busy January, I have decided to make this next week a *winter wellnes holiday* for myself. Home-brewed concoctions, yoga, quiet time, and those favorite things that I find grounding and nourishing.

Since returning home from EcoChic Geneva, I have been indulging in Kahina Giving Beauty's fabulous travel set that includes their luxurious, sustainably harvested facial cleanser, lotion, and argan oil.

You can read more about Kahina Giving Beauty's sustainability mission on Goodlifer. Johanna did a brilliant job of covering this remarkable product. For now, I am going back to my book and freshly squeezed juice.

*Kahina Giving Beauty
**Also available at TRUNKSHOW

Sunday, January 24, 2010

EcoChic Couture Highlights Texture & Flow

Oliver Tolentino gown made from piña fiber and thread with capiz shell embellishments (photograph by Johann Sauty)

Leila Hafzi Nepalese silk chiffon gown dyed with azo-free Swiss dyes, accessorized with The Andean Collection's colorful tagua nut bracelets (photograph by Johann Sauty)

Jose Castro's 100% paper dress with digital vintage corset (photograph by Johann Sauty)

Thakoon's silk dress printed with natural dyes, accessorized with Wired's recycled scrap metal necklace (photograph by Johann Sauty)

Ziad Ghanem's ruby red dress made from MUMO UK/sustainable silk (photograph by Johann Sauty)

*Note: All EcoChic Geneva invited couture designers were asked to create one-of-a-kind pieces out of white, cream, red or black hued sustainable fabrics, hence the subtle palette range above.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swiss Made/NYC Raised: Redley Exantus

Eco-luxurious black 'organic silk jersey filament' evening dress by Geneva-based designer Redley Exantus presented at EcoChic Geneva (photograph copyright: Johann Sauty)

Congratulations to fashion designer Redley Exantus for this exquisite eco-couture gown created exclusively for EcoChic Geneva. Redley told me after the runway show that it was her first time working with sustainable fabrics per se, and she really loved what an organic silk/jersey material could do. "The silk inspired me by its second skin quality, its fragility and its lightness. I immediately wanted to be wrapped and protected in the fabric." I was quite stunned by Redley's couture piece with its silhouetted European elegance and urban sophistication.

Even better, I loved what I saw of Redley's current collection on her website when I returned to my hotel room later that night. Coming to Geneva was worth meeting this designer alone. More than one-to-watch, Redley, like many of the other designers I met with, is one-to-support and cherish long term.

*Learn more about the very talented Redley Exantus here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

EcoChic Geneva 2010 Takes Flight

EcoChic Geneva runway finale at the Palais des Nations/United Nations Geneva Headquarters on 21 January, 2010 (photo: Abigail Doan)

Dr. Christina Dean, founder of Green2greener, introduces the evening's exquisitely curated runway show at EcoChic Geneva. Dr. Dean highlighted the importance of honoring biodiversity in contemporary textile and global fashion endeavors (photo: Abigail Doan)

Model and environmental spokesperson Summer Rayne Oakes walks the runway at the Palais des Nations. Summer was also an invited speaker in the U.N. biodiversity seminar on 20 January, 2010 (photo: Abigail Doan)

Bulgarian model, Julia Urevich, and Sofia-based fashion designer, Evgeni Petkov, showcase Evgeni's handknit, natural fibre eco-couture wedding gown, crafted with my sustainable textile mentorship (photo: Abigail Doan)

Long-time advocate and trailblazer for ethical fashion, Isabelle Quéhé founder of the Ethical Fashion Show, and myself at the opening of the EcoChic sustainable fashion exhibition at the United Nations/Geneva. Isabelle looks exquisite in my favorite new designer, Royah Afghanistan

The EcoChic sustainable fashion exhibtion showcasing Anggy Haif, Alexandre Herchcovitch, and Jose Castro (photo: Abigail Doan)

The Andean Collection's indigenous seed-based, artisan crafted jewelry. One of the event's best examples of marrying sustainability, collaborative enterprise, and affordable eco-chic design (photo: Abigail Doan)

Peter Ingwersen of NOIR's Danish folkloric organic cotton couture garment and Oliver Tolentino's absolutely stunning handcrafted piña gown with capiz shell embellishments (photo: Abigail Doan)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knot * Worthy * Adornment

Samma WOVEN MAT Necklace
(woven brass and aluminum wire, lightweight and mid-length)

*available at Maryam Nassir Zadeh via SheBreathes

Hanna Sadin's Samma woven jewelry via Refinery 29

Sandra Backlund's 'Control-C' Collection

Anggy Haif's Cameroon couture to be showcased at EcoChic Geneva

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Key Berlin Profile: Isabell de Hillerin

My latest sustainable style obsession (for reasons that I probably do not have to elaborate on) - German eco fashion designer Isabell de Hillerin, who will present her brilliant and inspiring autumn/winter 2009 collection at The Key Berlin later this week.

"The Miscelánea collection includes traditional Romanian fabrics and embroidery, masculine tailoring, and a mixture of softly draped dresses transporting the melancholy of forgotten, weak, and other times."
- Isabell de Hillerin

"In recent years the traditional fabrics industry in Romania has been driven to near extinction. To strengthen this traditional artisanry, Isabell de Hillerin is working with local Romanian manufacturers to support the production of handmade materials. The designer tries to raise the importance of the traditional values of the country`s craftsmanship that has begun to fade out. Her aim is to support these highly skilled craftsmen by publicising and utilising their cultural skills in a way that has not been done before. The collection Miscelánea combines recycled Romanian materials like old folkloric table cloths and headscarfs with modern tailoring and cut. All integrated materials are out of natural fibers." - Isabell de Hillerin

*Do not miss Isabell de Hillerin

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'Green is Black' Sale Goodies

One of my favorite Canadian eco boutiques, Green is Black, is having a smashing winter sale this week. Only a few more days to scoop up some classic eco separates and unique accessory finds. *Sale ends January 15*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holly Suan Gray's Eco Stylist Vision

I really love the work of stylist Holly Suan Gray, who will soon be fashioning the folkloric runway looks of the featured designers at EcoChic Geneva. A timeless, multicultural storyteller for both print and film, Gray's scenes are seductively alluring and fragile in nature. As a vegetarian and animal rights activist, her mission is impressively fashion-forward and environmentally aware - which begs one to ask, is the future of eco fashion also in the hands of the stylists who are best able to illustrate what we can and should be as informed fashionistas and truly global citizens?

Stay tuned for more coverage on EcoChic Geneva and Holly Suan Gray's eco stylist spin on the runway event.

*above images include 'The New Puritans' courtesy of Holly Suan Gray and West East Magazine; 'Apparation' for SCMP STYLE Magazine (April 2009 ) with Elyse Sewell photographed by Baldovino Barani and styled by Holly Suan Gray