Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swiss Made/NYC Raised: Redley Exantus

Eco-luxurious black 'organic silk jersey filament' evening dress by Geneva-based designer Redley Exantus presented at EcoChic Geneva (photograph copyright: Johann Sauty)

Congratulations to fashion designer Redley Exantus for this exquisite eco-couture gown created exclusively for EcoChic Geneva. Redley told me after the runway show that it was her first time working with sustainable fabrics per se, and she really loved what an organic silk/jersey material could do. "The silk inspired me by its second skin quality, its fragility and its lightness. I immediately wanted to be wrapped and protected in the fabric." I was quite stunned by Redley's couture piece with its silhouetted European elegance and urban sophistication.

Even better, I loved what I saw of Redley's current collection on her website when I returned to my hotel room later that night. Coming to Geneva was worth meeting this designer alone. More than one-to-watch, Redley, like many of the other designers I met with, is one-to-support and cherish long term.

*Learn more about the very talented Redley Exantus here.

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