Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Wellness: Kahina Giving Beauty

Berber women preparing local argan nuts for oil extraction (image courtesy of Goodlifer)

After a very busy January, I have decided to make this next week a *winter wellnes holiday* for myself. Home-brewed concoctions, yoga, quiet time, and those favorite things that I find grounding and nourishing.

Since returning home from EcoChic Geneva, I have been indulging in Kahina Giving Beauty's fabulous travel set that includes their luxurious, sustainably harvested facial cleanser, lotion, and argan oil.

You can read more about Kahina Giving Beauty's sustainability mission on Goodlifer. Johanna did a brilliant job of covering this remarkable product. For now, I am going back to my book and freshly squeezed juice.

*Kahina Giving Beauty
**Also available at TRUNKSHOW

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