Sunday, February 28, 2010

Think Act Vote T-Shirt Design Challenge

Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry

Think Act Vote is a campaign to inspire people to think about what they believe in and how they might use the power of the vote in the forthcoming U.K. elections.

In partnership with ethical fashion label Komodo, Think Act Vote launches with a search for a complelling graphic for their carbon neutral Think Act Vote t-shirt design. Up and coming designers, artists, and illustrators are invited to submit their creative entries, with the only proviso that the design must include the words think, act, vote. Submissions must be uploaded to the Think Act Vote website before the deadline of 12 noon on Sunday, March 7th, 2010.

Some of the best-known faces in ethical fashion and design will serve as the judging panel, including Katharine Hamnett, celebrated illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve and Cyndi Rhoades.

A few quotes to stir up your creative juices:

“Thousands of people have died and are dying all over the world for the right to vote. It is one of our most precious possessions. Use it before we loose it.” - Katherine Hamnett

"After years of developing different platforms for engaging people in key issues at Anti-Apathy, it's great to see how fresh initiatives like Think Act Vote are encouraging new audiences to get involved, be creative and take a proactive stance towards making positive change happen." - Cyndi Rhoades

"Think Act Vote was created as a way to inspire you to THINK about what change we need, ACT by standing up for what you believe in, and consider how you use your VOTE. " - Amisha Ghadiali

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Adie + George 100% West Coast Knitwear

And as if the Mr. Larkin A/W 2010 Collection was not gorgeous enough, here are several images from the debut of Adie + George, adoringly named after Sasha Duerr's grandmother and Casey Larkin's grandfather. A 100% local fiber knitwear line aka a new spin on northern California slow design also serving as eco-luxurious canvases for rich natural dyes.

Photo shoot location: Slide Ranch, West Marin, California. The eco-model featured is none other than the Bay Area's own Ariel Clay.

Photography: Marin McCallen
Hair/Makeup: Shawn Burke

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Larkin A/W 2010 Collection

I love this latest photo shoot called "Fallen Fairy" for Mr. Larkin A/W 2010. Yes, that stunning red head is eco-model Ariel Clay. As always, Mr. Larkin sets the standard for really innovate style with all the right ingredients and organic details. The vegetation is pretty gorgeous, too.

*Mr. Larkin

credits: photography by Paul Trapani; styling by Pauline Montupet; hair & make-up by Shawn Burke.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier + Melissa Stilettos on Tap

The latest collaboration in the Melissa Shoes lineage is with none other than Jean Paul Gaultier. Personally, I am not really the plastic stiletto type, but for vegan fashionistas, this adds a whole new dimension to their loftier goals. Available in black, caramel, beige, lime and tangerine, the shoe will be launched in June 2010. Read more on Dazed Digital.

Monday, February 22, 2010

House of Organic & Eko-Lab in Black and White

Mika Machida: totally original screen print dress

Meiling Chen': beautifully draped black wool coat

Eko-Lab and Jennifer Wen Ma art/fashion collaboration

Eko-Lab: wool ensemble (love the belt)

Eko-Lab: adorable black hemp coat with recycled glass

Several of my favorite picks from the House of Organic/Eko-Lab runway presentation at The GreenShows last week. The community-based, collaborative design collective is as strong and bold as the black and white pieces pictured here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

London Fashion Week: UNIQUE's Primal Showing

Topshop UNIQUE at London FW (image via

Topshop Unique at London FW (image via

Topshop UNIQUE at London FW (image via

Topshop UNIQUE at London FW (image via

I certainly do not mean to pilfer from today's homepage of, but the latest photos from Topshop UNIQUE's A/W 2010 collection really are pretty wild and woolly. Credits for this woodsy spin on sylvan shamanism include "Emma Cook's animal masks and hats; Hannah Murray's brilliant wild-child eyebrows; Paul Hanlon's hedge-bush hair, and, most of all, Katie Grand's pull-it-all-together-then-tear-it-apart styling."

Chris Drury's 'Star Chamber' (2006)

I wonder whether U.K. artist Chris Drury's star chambers or twig shelters were the inspiration for the runway's backdrop?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

London Fashion Week: Amisha Ghadiali

London Fashion Week is now officially underway and Estethica has opened it doors at Somerset House for yet another promising exhibition of sustainable and ethical fashion. I wanted to take a quiet moment to celebrate a London-based designer who works incredibly hard to make ethical fashion a shared phenomenon.

Amisha Ghadliali, founder and designer of Amisha Jewellry, is a force on multiple fronts - 'elegance and rebellion' are part of her company's tagline. Her exquisitely handcrafted and responsibly-sourced jewellry designs are timeless in their visual appeal and purely covetable in their chic simplicity.

Amisha Jewellry 'Druzy Quartz Ring'

Amisha Jewellry 'Snowflex Box Bracelet'

Amisha feels that sustainability within fashion is a necessity and predicts that it is something that will be incorporated into all design in the future. She has already demonstrated her passions on this front by playing a significant role in the production of The RE:Fashion Awards of 2008, the world’s first awards ceremony to celebrate improving social and environmental standards in the fashion industry. Following this Amisha took on a role as a Project Manager for the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), where she is now Associate Director.

I really think that Amisha represents the best of the new fashion week spirit, with a personal goal to craft beautiful designs while also reaching out to create lasting change from behind the scenes. I send her my warmest congratulations on the showing of her gorgeous collection at The Hospital Club in London in conjunction with EFF this next week.

*You can follow Amisha's tweets @amishaghadiali

Friday, February 19, 2010

NOW Fall 2010 Showcase: JAI

Gorgeous organic wool pieces from JAI's A/W 2010 Collection, on view at The Now Showcase this weekend. More details here.

(above photos/credits include Art Direction: Vincent Oshin; Photography: Baldomero Fernandez; Make-up Lauren Whitworth: Hair Crew)

London Fashion Week: Hair = Fiber

Invite for Charlie Le Mindu, LFW, 19th February at Victoria House


Thursday, February 18, 2010

London Fashion Week: Creativity Central

Sergei Grinko bespoke designs (collaborating with Ziad Ghanem) for LFW

Ziad Ghanem (image courtesy of Go See)

Ada Zanditon, A/W 2010-11 Collection, photographed by Thomas Knights (image courtesy of VOGUE U.K.)

Announcement for Ada Zanditon's A/W 2010 Collection Echolocation

And so the fashion week party flocks on over to London now for a Brit twist on some late winter sparkle. There is no doubt that London is the creative hub of so much of what is edgy and fashionable about sustainable fashion. Very much looking forward to Ziad Ghanem and Ada Zanditon's latest creations as well as the full report on Estethica.

Ivana Basilotta Collection to be featured at Estethica

*London Fashion Week A/W 2010-11

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NOW Fall 2010 Showcase This Weekend

Snoflake Fashion: Contemporary Urban Clothing

The always fabulous NOW Showcase for locally-produced, progressively hip fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products will be keeping the New York Fashion Week party rolling this upcoming weekend in Chelsea.


NOW's Fall 2010 Showcase will highlight the best of fashion-forward accessories, womenswear, menswear, and eco-lingerie. Spring/Summer 2010 fashion collections will also be viewable - for those of us who are pining for warmer and sunnier climes, right about NOW.

Ryann's Spring 2009 Collection

Featured designers include: SDN, naturevsfuture, JAI, Feral Childe, Ryann, Creem, AngelRox, Turk + Taylor, Snoflake, Rebe, She-Bible, Sust, Chulette, EcoSkin, Kelly Lane, c. marchuska, Linda Loudermilk, ECOWRIST, Kimberlin Brown, Rebecka Fröberg, Origin 23.

Turk + Taylor (image via Ecouterre)

NOW Showcase at ICO Gallery
606 W 26th Street New York, NY
Saturday, February 20 - Monday, February 22
Collection viewing from 10am - 8pm
Cocktail Reception on Sunday, Feb. 21 from 6pm - 8 pm

Snoflake Fashion: Contemporary Urban Clothing

*There will also be a special brunch from 10am -11am on Sunday morning hosted by the Sustainable Style Foundation with a Q&A on "How to Sell Sustainability", geared for buyers and the press.

House of Organic Invite for The GreenShows

Beauty and originality, as always, from the very talented designers at House of Organic and Eko-Lab. Spread your wings today and take flight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NY Fashion Week Fix: Love Think Deux FM

So excited for Anna Kristina Gilkerson and deux fm's runway presentation at The GreenShows tomorrow afternoon, February 17.

Deux fm is a totally creative womenswear collection, bursting with style and heart, through and through. Based out of Novia Scotia, their timeless, eco chic garments are all crafted locally and domestically under fair labor practices, with a special wink to the down home work ethic of the North Atlantic coast.
Deux FM Kat Dress via Greenloop

I caught up with Anna Kristina Gilkerson a week or so before she headed off to NYC for The GreenShows, and she said some very real and lovely things about her participation in New York Fashion Week as an eco fashion label that keeps gathering momentum and accolades, deservedly so.

"On The GreenShows...This new niche of sustainable fashion is still a fragile ecosystem. It is definitely in the beginning stages where designers are testing the waters in different ways, paving a road for future designers and companies to jump on board. The GreenShows is a platform that allows eco designers to gain publicity on a global fashion circuit. New York is a great place for this because I can see green fashion getting the attention it needs for all the right reasons. Fashion first, with sustainability as a prerequisite. Not sustainability second because that is the whole basis for the shows with fashion being the physical manifestation."

Deux FM at EcoChic Geneva (photo: Johann Sauty)

"On showing at New York Fashion Week...I accepted the invite to The GreenShows not just because I love New York and it is one of the top fashion centers in the world, but because The GreenShows have proven to be, in just one season, the hot ticket of where to see green fashion at it’s best. My goal is to prove that my designs can be just as desirable as any other collection - green or not. I am also very excited to meet the other designers and everyone involved in the eco scene, because we all share at least one thing, we all want to prove that eco fashion can be edgy, innovative, and beautifully made but still kind and full of love."

Good luck, Anna and the deux fm team. We love what you do and think that you deserve the best. Love Think Ecochic.