Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cuval's Burlap Totes and Satchels

I am planning a family (work) holiday in Istanbul during the month of March, and I am very excited to finally meet the clever design duo at BOA Studio during this time. Their recent collaborations with Çuval (a.k.a studio is a resourceful partnership and a smart collaboration that creatively (re)uses bits of BOA's studio fabric left-overs and quality burlap for Cuval's eco chic totes and satchels.

"Two like-minded friends, Ayşe & Açelya at Çuval, have re-created a "bohça" in Turkish, or "rag bag" in English (not a perfect translation as the original name refers to a bag used by village women and gypsies to travel about). Regardless, these super cute burlap bags are perfect for marketing outings or carefree days exploring local bazaars and backstreets while on holiday abroad.

*Visit *Cuval on etsy for shopping details and pricing, and stay tuned for my coverage of eco fashion houses in Istanbul during March 2010.

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