Monday, February 1, 2010

Eva Zingoni (re)Fashions Paris Couture

Eva Zingoni's Tunic dress in silk taffeta with bias seams lined in satin

Eva Zingoni's Cuffed short-sleeved V-neck tunic dress in a metallic wool fabric

Eva Zingoni's Satin silk round-neck with batwing sleeves and a blue silk bias border

Paris Fashion Week's A/W 2010 prĂȘt-Ă -porter collections are always a glowing light at the end of a long winter tunnel, and I hope to pay a visit during this time to the sparkling city of lights for some sustainable style magic and long overdue time with dear friends. I currently have my eye on Eva Zingoni and her chic and sleek limited-series garments made with high-quality (prestigious) textiles recycled from famous Parisian fashion houses. They are the perfect antidote to fashion week fatigue and outright material consumption.

"Each unique and luxurious fabric that the designer collects inspires the form, tailoring, and texture of her garments. Each design is made exclusively in French workshops, a decision dictated by Eva’s respect for craftmanship and her desire to support and sustain outstanding local talent." - Eva Zingoni

Eva Zingoni's Strapless dress in silk crepe decorated with strips of printed chiffon

Eva Zingoni's Loose-fit dress in cotton and silk

*Eva Zingoni via My Little Paris

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