Saturday, February 20, 2010

London Fashion Week: Amisha Ghadiali

London Fashion Week is now officially underway and Estethica has opened it doors at Somerset House for yet another promising exhibition of sustainable and ethical fashion. I wanted to take a quiet moment to celebrate a London-based designer who works incredibly hard to make ethical fashion a shared phenomenon.

Amisha Ghadliali, founder and designer of Amisha Jewellry, is a force on multiple fronts - 'elegance and rebellion' are part of her company's tagline. Her exquisitely handcrafted and responsibly-sourced jewellry designs are timeless in their visual appeal and purely covetable in their chic simplicity.

Amisha Jewellry 'Druzy Quartz Ring'

Amisha Jewellry 'Snowflex Box Bracelet'

Amisha feels that sustainability within fashion is a necessity and predicts that it is something that will be incorporated into all design in the future. She has already demonstrated her passions on this front by playing a significant role in the production of The RE:Fashion Awards of 2008, the world’s first awards ceremony to celebrate improving social and environmental standards in the fashion industry. Following this Amisha took on a role as a Project Manager for the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), where she is now Associate Director.

I really think that Amisha represents the best of the new fashion week spirit, with a personal goal to craft beautiful designs while also reaching out to create lasting change from behind the scenes. I send her my warmest congratulations on the showing of her gorgeous collection at The Hospital Club in London in conjunction with EFF this next week.

*You can follow Amisha's tweets @amishaghadiali

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