Thursday, February 18, 2010

London Fashion Week: Creativity Central

Sergei Grinko bespoke designs (collaborating with Ziad Ghanem) for LFW

Ziad Ghanem (image courtesy of Go See)

Ada Zanditon, A/W 2010-11 Collection, photographed by Thomas Knights (image courtesy of VOGUE U.K.)

Announcement for Ada Zanditon's A/W 2010 Collection Echolocation

And so the fashion week party flocks on over to London now for a Brit twist on some late winter sparkle. There is no doubt that London is the creative hub of so much of what is edgy and fashionable about sustainable fashion. Very much looking forward to Ziad Ghanem and Ada Zanditon's latest creations as well as the full report on Estethica.

Ivana Basilotta Collection to be featured at Estethica

*London Fashion Week A/W 2010-11

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