Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NY Fashion Week Fix: Love Think Deux FM

So excited for Anna Kristina Gilkerson and deux fm's runway presentation at The GreenShows tomorrow afternoon, February 17.

Deux fm is a totally creative womenswear collection, bursting with style and heart, through and through. Based out of Novia Scotia, their timeless, eco chic garments are all crafted locally and domestically under fair labor practices, with a special wink to the down home work ethic of the North Atlantic coast.
Deux FM Kat Dress via Greenloop

I caught up with Anna Kristina Gilkerson a week or so before she headed off to NYC for The GreenShows, and she said some very real and lovely things about her participation in New York Fashion Week as an eco fashion label that keeps gathering momentum and accolades, deservedly so.

"On The GreenShows...This new niche of sustainable fashion is still a fragile ecosystem. It is definitely in the beginning stages where designers are testing the waters in different ways, paving a road for future designers and companies to jump on board. The GreenShows is a platform that allows eco designers to gain publicity on a global fashion circuit. New York is a great place for this because I can see green fashion getting the attention it needs for all the right reasons. Fashion first, with sustainability as a prerequisite. Not sustainability second because that is the whole basis for the shows with fashion being the physical manifestation."

Deux FM at EcoChic Geneva (photo: Johann Sauty)

"On showing at New York Fashion Week...I accepted the invite to The GreenShows not just because I love New York and it is one of the top fashion centers in the world, but because The GreenShows have proven to be, in just one season, the hot ticket of where to see green fashion at it’s best. My goal is to prove that my designs can be just as desirable as any other collection - green or not. I am also very excited to meet the other designers and everyone involved in the eco scene, because we all share at least one thing, we all want to prove that eco fashion can be edgy, innovative, and beautifully made but still kind and full of love."

Good luck, Anna and the deux fm team. We love what you do and think that you deserve the best. Love Think Ecochic.


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