Sunday, February 28, 2010

Think Act Vote T-Shirt Design Challenge

Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry

Think Act Vote is a campaign to inspire people to think about what they believe in and how they might use the power of the vote in the forthcoming U.K. elections.

In partnership with ethical fashion label Komodo, Think Act Vote launches with a search for a complelling graphic for their carbon neutral Think Act Vote t-shirt design. Up and coming designers, artists, and illustrators are invited to submit their creative entries, with the only proviso that the design must include the words think, act, vote. Submissions must be uploaded to the Think Act Vote website before the deadline of 12 noon on Sunday, March 7th, 2010.

Some of the best-known faces in ethical fashion and design will serve as the judging panel, including Katharine Hamnett, celebrated illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve and Cyndi Rhoades.

A few quotes to stir up your creative juices:

“Thousands of people have died and are dying all over the world for the right to vote. It is one of our most precious possessions. Use it before we loose it.” - Katherine Hamnett

"After years of developing different platforms for engaging people in key issues at Anti-Apathy, it's great to see how fresh initiatives like Think Act Vote are encouraging new audiences to get involved, be creative and take a proactive stance towards making positive change happen." - Cyndi Rhoades

"Think Act Vote was created as a way to inspire you to THINK about what change we need, ACT by standing up for what you believe in, and consider how you use your VOTE. " - Amisha Ghadiali

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