Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Your Organic Glow On with FutureNatural

With spring officially showering us with the promise of the greener days to come, it is seems vital to think about truly organic ways to shed the remaining winter layers. The last few months in Eastern Europe were quite magical for me, but I must admit that I am feeling less than radiant about my complexion and overall glow. Inner beauty typically fuels me through the most challenging days and late nights, but sometimes one needs to call on a little bit of help to boost one's energy and health.

Nature Girl Generation Nature Organic Lemon Peel Sugar Scrub (100% natural, organic & wild-crafted ingredients)

Enter Futurenatural, the supreme online source for all organic beauty needs and questions. Touted as the 'Sephora of organic and natural beauty products', energetic founder Emma Pezzack offers up so much more with her carefully selected offerings, well-researched ingredients, and helpful product reviews. Her mission is one of wisely transforming our ideas about beauty and personal style via informed consumerism and self-care that redefines contemporary luxury.

Lucy B Organic Franjipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil (100% organic & natural ingredients)

Included in this post is just a sampling of some of the quality products that I spied on Futurenatural - with a focus on skin rejuvenation and nourishing shimmer. I already use and swear by Kahina Giving Beauty products and John Masters Organics and could not be happier with the lasting effects.

Kahina Giving Beauty Serum (99.4% organic & 100% natural ingredients)

Farmaesthetics Solar Salt Mineral
Bath: Blue Spruce (100% organic & natural ingredients)

John Masters Organic Shine On (100% natural, naturally derived & organic)

I have to confess that simply checking in daily with Futurenatural's sister blog, Organic Beauty View, makes me feel more informed and in turn radiant. The future of beauty and personal care seems so much brighter and promising with enterprises like this highlighting the best offerings available. The time it takes to do the proper research is an investment in the preservation of all of the beauty that surrounds us and the natural resources that have sustained us for centuries and generations.

*Futurenatural and Organic Beauty View

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