Monday, March 29, 2010

Tinctory Plant Dye Concoctions

"Marvellous feathers of rare birds, found by explorers in far away lands of the imagination - acquired for our collection, catalogued and numbered, are displayed in a cabinet of curiosities" at Tinctory's online boutique. The ingredients and inspiration: plant-dyed silks, inspired by intricate historic 'smocking' needlework, geometric patterns in nature, variation and repetition, romance and fairytales.

Rara Avis, Beekeepers, Poems to Silk - nostalgically organic collections tinted with natural dye concoctions. Tinctory's designer Eva states, "Tinctory is a word that may not exist but if it did it would mean a place where things are dyed. Tinctor means 'dyer' in Latin.

Tinctory shop and Tinctory blog

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Gatski Metal said...

Wow, these are fabulous. very happy to have found your blog.