Monday, May 31, 2010

Outstanding in Her Field: Summer Edition

Rianne de Witte's nostalgic and fresh 'Seascapes' S/S 2010 collection (photo by Mark Groeneveld)

Jennifer Cecere's 'Doily' installation as part of The Ins and The Outs at Rockland Center for the Arts - on view through June 13, 2010

Loup Charmant 'Raglan Touring Dress' made from 100% organic cotton

BOA Studio's hand-illustrated organic cotton (pamuk) S/S 2010 collection

Organically-crafted cord necklace by Michelle Lane Jewelry via Treehugger

Johanna Bjork of Goodlifer forages in sustainable style for ramps at Paisley Farm in upstate NY

JADEtribe by Kimberly Hartman mixes global textiles and vibrant nomad chic

Rapanui's 'Marine Conservation Society' 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Tee

'Fearless Dreamer', Meiling Chen, cultivates fresh green fashion with an artist's eye

Summery finds from artist & designer friends ~ all environmentally inspired and crafted with honest goodness.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lucy Orta Exhibit Opens at CCANW Today

Lucy Orta in the studio (image via Lemodalogue)

The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World kicks off its 2010 ‘Fashion, Textiles and the Environment’ programming series with an exhibition of works by Lucy Orta, opening 29 May and remaining on view through 25 July, 2010. Orta draws inspiration from a variety of disciplines including fashion, architecture, design philosophy, social activism, and traditional art practice.

Lucy Orta, 'Refuge Wear - Habitent', 1992-1993. Aluminium coated polyamide, polar fleece, telescopic aluminium poles, whistle, lantern, transport bag, silkscreen print. 150x150x150cm. Photograph: Galerie Anne de Villepoix. Collection FDAC Seine Saint Denis. Copyright Lucy Orta, artist. Lucy Orta holds the first Rootstein Hopkins Chair at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London (image via The University of Sheffield's website)

Visit The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World website for information on their upcoming 'Fashion Footprints' exhibit as well.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BJIOS by Audrey Lavallée & Chloé B. Fortin

So lovely to meet French Canadian artists, Audrey Lavallée & Chloé B. Fortin, of BJIOS collective at the (Re)Fashioning Fiber opening last week. The duo creates exquisite eco-crafting of the meditative and alluring kind. Their individual work of embroidery-like drawings and 'camouflage' recycled textile creations is definitely re-enforced by their desire to work in public spaces and cast subtle lures to passersby. I loved our stroll through The Ramble in Central Park last Saturday afternoon, and I cannot wait to see what sorts of collaborations we might weave together between Montreal, NYC, and Sofia this summer.

*All gorgeously green images courtesy of Audrey and Chloé ofBJIOS.

*"BJIOS est inspiré de l'élément du grec bios qui veut dire ''vie''; on prononce en aspirant le 'j' (comme dans Bjork). Le 'j' est inutile, mais tellement charmant...pourquoi s'en passer!"

Monday, May 24, 2010

(Re) Fashioning Fiber at Green Spaces NY

Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard and Melissa Kirgan of Eko-Lab's 'Trees In The Dark, Dresses In The Light' mixed media fiber drawings/sustainable fashion installation and Abigail Doan's 'Fiber Flotsam Colony' on table (photo by Abigail Doan)

Kaori Yamazaki's eco-fiber jewelry installation (photo by Emma Grady)

Sibyll Kalff's 'Little Books' along wall baseboard and Abigail Doan's recycled flotsam fiber forms on wall and floor (photo by Abigail Doan)

Gorgeously green and colorful Eko-Lab models Dina Liss (on left) and Danielle Bowen (on right) looking fresh in make up by Masae Satouchi (photo courtesy of Eko-Lab)

Eko-Lab designers Melissa Kirgan and Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard with models Dina and Danielle looking sustainably gorgeous

Fiber/textile installations by Atefeh Khas, Tara Goodarzy, Renata Mann, Michelle Vitale Loughlin (with soundscape by Matt Pass), Kaori Yamazaki, Meiling Chen, Brece Honeycutt and Abigail Doan in this view (photo by Abigail Doan)

Fiber/textile installations by Atefeh Khas, Tara Goodarzy, Renata Mann, Meiling Chen and Kaori Yamazaki in this view (photo by Abigail Doan)

Fiber/textile installations by Tara St. James, Atefeh Khas, Tara Goodarzy, Renata Mann, Michelle Vitale Loughlin (with soundscape by Matt Pass), and Meiling Chen in this view (photo by Abigail Doan)

Tara St. James' paired-ensemble, 'Skyline Skirt and Cobweb Bolero' (Study NY S/S 2010 Collection) created from (re)fashioned twill tape and design studio 'waste textiles'. Love her signature recycled zipper necklaces (photo by Emma Grady)

Michelle Vitale Loughlin's 'Towers 1-3' crafted out of recycled tomato stands, natural fiber knitted on the artist’s first knitting machine with an accompanying sound component entitled, ‘Tower Strings’ by Matt Pass in which three twelve-foot piano strings were strung and then played with wineglasses, mini fans piano hammers, and a French horn piece (photo by Abigail Doan)

Meiling Chen's Clothes Make the Man/’Coat of Many Colours’ embroidered garment crafted out of a vintage shirt donated by a friend, flea market threads, and recycled hanger from the laundromat - installed with Renata Mann Jewlery (photo by Meiling Chen)

Mixed media drawings/collages by Meiling Chen installed with Renata Mann Jewelry (photo by Meiling Chen)

Meiling Chen's Clothes Make the Man/‘Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve’ embroidered garment crafted out of a vintage shirt donated by a friend, flea market threads, and recycled hanger from the laundromat - installed with Renata Mann Jewlery (photo by Meiling Chen)

Mackenzie Frere's 'Study for Breathing 3' (detail). A gossamer-like net hand-crafted out of silk, safflower petals, and madder root

More photos viewable on Eko-Lab's flickr page. Detailed views and profiles of specific works to come. Coverage of (Re)Fashioning Fiber also appears on Treehugger and PLANET mag online.

This group exhibit will be on view at Green Spaces NY through August 13, 2010 with special gallery hours on Wednesdays between 4 -7pm throughout the summer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

(Re)Fashioning Fiber Friends

Kaori Yamazaki, her partner, and Renata Mann installing their suspended fiber and mixed media work (photo by Abigail Doan)

Renata Mann working on her knit rope floor piece prior to the opening. Works by Michelle Vitale Loughlin, Meiling Chen, Kaori Yamazaki, Brece Honeycutt, Abigail Doan, and Sibyll Kalff also in this view (photo by Michelle Vitale Loughlin)

I am resting a bit today after several months of passionate work surrounding the curation of (Re)Fashioning Fiber. Lovely feedback and exquisite photos are fluttering into my inbox. Thank you everyone for these thoughtful gifts. Prior to sharing images from the final installation and opening night celebration, I wanted to post a few photos from the behind-the scenes magic that was so much a part of this collaborative effort.

I loved working with the artists, designers, and Green Spaces NY staff on this exhibit. For me, it was the best of a barn-raising experience surrounding what is possible with natural (eco) materials in an urban setting. Somehow, I think that this is just the beginning of something even more beautiful and sustainable.

Artist, writer, and curator Kathy Bruce visits the exhibit prior to the opening (photo by Michelle Vitale Loughlin)

Sibyll Kalff's 'Little Books' being unpacked from a storyteller's suitcase

Final details for fiber vignette 1. Works by Brece Honeycutt, Ceca Georgieva, Meiling Chen, and Renata Mann (photo by Abigail Doan)

Final details for fiber vignette 2. Works by Atefeh Khas, Tara Goodarzy, Abigail McEnroe, Renata Mann and Abigail Doan (photo by Abigail Doan)

Stay tuned for more images of work by Eko-Lab, Mackenzie Frere, Meiling Chen, and Tara St. James as well as all of the other artists and designers above.

Lítill Installation at Trina Turk NY

Gorgeous installation images created by Lauren Coleman for Lítill. Wondrous. Love the knitted suspension cord.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alabama Studio Style Booksigning at the Cooper Hewitt This Wednesday

Voilà , the perfect antidote to the recent New York Design Week frenzy - an intimate booksigning with Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum on Wednesday, May 19 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This will be a great opportunity to meet the designer, learn more about her views on slow design and sustainability, as well as pick up a signed copy of her latest book, Alabama Studio Style.

Upcycled interior by Alabama Chanin via Apartment Therapy

Details for the upcoming event are as follows:

Alabama Chanin: American Fashion
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | 6:30 – 8:00pm
LOCATION: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, 2 East 91st Street
Members $5; non-Members $10; Students free.

Visit the Cooper-Hewitt events page for more details. Galleries will be open from 5:30 – 6:30pm preceding the program.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Michelle Vitale Loughlin: Wool Punk Extraordinaire

'Cast' by Michelle Vitale Loughlin (Casa Terra Residency, Puglia, Italy)

'410 Bergen Lafayette' (detail) by Michelle Vitale Loughlin

I am thrilled to have artist Michelle Vitale Loughlin exhibiting one of her woolpunk installations in the upcoming exhibit, (Re)Fashioning Fiber at Green Spaces NY.

'Towers' by Michelle Vitale Loughlin

Michelle's subversive use of fiber craft interventions really typifies the spirit of wool punk attitudes and the layered urban environment. As the artist highlights on her website: "Let threads be articulate, and find a form for themselves to no other end than their own orchestration, not to be sat on, walked on, only to be looked at." (Anni Albers)

Word on the street: Michelle's Towers (pictured above) may just take on a sound dimension for (Re)Fashioning Fiber via a collaboration with sound artist, Matt Pass. The two recently collaborated on 'Water Falls' and 'Hydrolace' at Greylock Arts in Adams, Massachusetts.

'Water Falls' by Michelle Vitale Loughlin (Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ)

*Wool Punk Studios