Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BJIOS by Audrey Lavallée & Chloé B. Fortin

So lovely to meet French Canadian artists, Audrey Lavallée & Chloé B. Fortin, of BJIOS collective at the (Re)Fashioning Fiber opening last week. The duo creates exquisite eco-crafting of the meditative and alluring kind. Their individual work of embroidery-like drawings and 'camouflage' recycled textile creations is definitely re-enforced by their desire to work in public spaces and cast subtle lures to passersby. I loved our stroll through The Ramble in Central Park last Saturday afternoon, and I cannot wait to see what sorts of collaborations we might weave together between Montreal, NYC, and Sofia this summer.

*All gorgeously green images courtesy of Audrey and Chloé ofBJIOS.

*"BJIOS est inspiré de l'élément du grec bios qui veut dire ''vie''; on prononce en aspirant le 'j' (comme dans Bjork). Le 'j' est inutile, mais tellement charmant...pourquoi s'en passer!"


chelliswilson. said...

Hello! I'm so happy to have found your blog---every aspect is so full of beauty. Encouraging. Inspiring.
Thank you!

Abigail Doan said...
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Abigail Doan said...

Chellis ~

Your blog and enterprise in Portland is amazing. I am so thrilled to have learned of your work there. I have added your to my 'blog list'. Scroll down on right.

I hope to visit you in person some day. Soon, that is.

Best wishes and thanks for reading ~ A

chelliswilson. said...

Oh, Abigail! How lovely and generous of you! You have such an amazing eye--I'm truly flattered! Thank you so very much!