Monday, June 14, 2010

Wear it! Feel it! in Wool and Vegetation Accessories by Eun Yeong Jeong

material: wool, kuwa branches, lotus, mischa’s cremains, dirt, copper via Eun Yeong Jeong

While researching imagery for an upcoming fiber project with lace, wool, and succulents, I came across these amazing fiber and vegetation accessories by Eun Yeong Jeong. These works are obviously so much more that wearable art. They speak to the spirit of materials and the afterlife of design.

material: wool, cactus, copper, stainless steel via Eun Yeong Jeong

material: wool, cactus, copper via Eun Yeong Jeong

To think that cotton-candy-swaddled cacti might be one-upped by a loofah kimono? Craft + ritual abounds.

material: loofah, nylon thread, linen cloth via Eun Yeong Jeong

via Thread NY

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