Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creating New 'Dialogs' with Ethical Textile Accessories

Summer accents with the potential to work their magic all year long are a welcome option when it comes to sustainably savvy style. I recently came across Dialog clutches and bags at the EcoSalon Shops! event at Green Spaces NY in early June and really was impressed with their design simplicity and textile chic. Now KAIGHT shop is offering these gorgeous clutches by Dialog's sister company, World Butik.

"World Butik bags incorporate hand weaving from the Saori WEaving Co-operative in Thailand. Saori weaving is a source of income as well as therapy for those who lost jobs and family members in the tsunami disaster of 2004."
Locally-crafted, traditional textiles are really the most fashionable luxury statement you can make these days. I love that a clutch like this is truly global in outlook and most importantly, connects us to what matters most - working together to solve environmental challenges while also looking our best.

*Dialog/World Butik's 'Blue clutch' retails for $98 at KAIGHT

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