Monday, July 26, 2010

Cyanotype Scarves by Matt Shapoff Use the Sun's Rays for Textile Printing

Cyanotype silk scarf printed with the sun's rays and Matt Shapoff's nature collection

Summer is still very much with us, and whether you escape to the beach on a regular basis for some salt, sun, and sand is really not an issue if you are lucky enough to own an artisan-crafted scarf from Handmade on Peconic Bay. Artist Matt Shapoff has created a modern interpretation of the 19th century cyanotype photograph by using the sun's rays to print objects (found during local shoreline strolls) on his 100% silk scarves.

'Found Feathers' cyanotype (sun) print scarf from Handmade on Peconic Bay

Dried algae cyanotype print by Anna Atkins

You might recall from your art history studies an amazing woman named Anna Atkins - touted to be the possible inventor of photography or at least the first person to publish a book of photographic images. Her Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions' was created using direct contact printing of dried sea algae on cyanotype paper. Handmade on Peconic Bay artist Matt Shapoff has revived this process by printing directly onto his silk scarves using a giant plate he constructed for use outdoors on a sunny day. Arrangements of dried vegetation, feathers, and other sea treasures are thoughtfully composed to create these exquisite organic impressions.

Handmade on Peconic Bay designs are also available at A Little of What You Fancy in East Hampton, L.I.

You can learn more about Matt Shapoff's cyanotype prints and process via his blog. A special thanks to jewelry designer Cynthia Rybakoff for this great design tip.

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