Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleepwalker Series by Fashion Stylist Holly Suan Gray

I find these images by fashion stylist Holly Suan Gray to be so haunting and prophetic in terms of the future of fashion in a world unprotected from encroaching environmental evils and total lack of regulation. 

I first met Holly at EcoChic Geneva where she worked her magic as the stylist for the runway presentation on the United Nations stage. Her latest 'Sleepwalker Series' is certainly not pretty by conventional standards, but eye-opening nonetheless and an indication that eco styling might finally wake us from our long slumber.

p.s. I also see these models being paraded around tonight at the Rock the Reactors event at the Hiro Ballroom as a demonstration of fashionistas joining forces for anti-nuclear protest and green energy solutions.

(all images courtesy of Holly Suan Gray)

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