Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion in the Forest on the Fifteenth

Otto von Busch//Fashion Hactivist
There will be a sylvan fashion show to accompany CCANW's Fashion Footprints: Sustainable Approaches exhibition in Haldon Forest Park, Exeter, this Sunday 15 August from 3 to 5pm. The 'Eco Fashion Experience' incorporates a contemporary dance and music performance, a curated sustainable fashion show staged within the local forests, a special presentation by Fashion-Hacktivist, Otto von Busch, and a unique Black Fashion Bureau's 'Old is the New Black' garment recycling and dyeing workshop - bring your old garments for revamping (see image below).
'Old is the New Black' fashion recycling project

Admission fee of £12 (£10 conc.) includes a refreshing glass of wine and a slow fashion goodie bag. All details can be found on the CCANW website.  A brilliant way to spend a Sunday in the park.

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