Monday, October 11, 2010

Loup Charmant's Luminous Organic Essentials

One of the regrets I have about already being settled in Eastern Europe for autumn is my not having visited the new showroom of LOUP CHARMANT in Red Hook, Brooklyn, before my departure from NYC. These luminous and completely timeless organic cotton essentials could basically be a women's essential wardrobe for anywhere that she might travel on the planet.

I wear my scoop tank all of the time in Sofia, either as a base layer that is super soft against my skin, or as a summery tank on hot and breezy nights. Kee Edwards of LOUP CHARMANT basically has sustainable style totally pinned down with these feminine, though highly functional, trans-seasonal pieces.

And it is not every day that a designer can also model her designs with total expression of how the collection is meant to be lived in and celebrated. It's sheer sexy goodness, wouldn't you say?

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