Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brain Coral, Sea Horses, and Silkworms

Oldest Living Things: brain coral #0210-4501 (2,000 years old; speyside, tobago) photo by Rachel Sussman

Design inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, and The Oldest Living Things just might have something lasting to teach us about permanence, adaptation, and systems solutions.

I have been rather preoccupied with sea horses lately, and after reading several heart-wrenching passages on the bycatch decimation of sea horses in Jonathan Safran Foer's book, Eating Animals, I am wondering what the planet would be like without a species that is "the extreme of the extreme". Add to this that seahorse males are the ones to get pregnant and carry their offspring for six weeks, and one cannot help but to grow concerned that we have only begun to appreciate the complexity and potential that surrounds us.

My favorite sea horse cotton tee

Let us give thanks for the bounty that abounds but also not be afraid of being sensitized to what makes living and creating such a genuine mystery. Fashion is totally dead in the water without an audience that can challenge and mimic our finery. Consider the plight of the silkworm, for example: 'How Much Silk Does A Silk Worm Silk?'


pal shazar said...

they fill me with love. who made the shirt, please?

Abigail Doan said...

Thanks, Pal. It is a really old tee, and not organic cotton, I am sorry to report. The labels says, "VIVA LA TEE". I cannot find them online now. I believe that I bought it at Calypso in NYC years and years ago.

Sorry to not be able to offer up a solution on this front.

Thanks for reading and commenting ~ A.

pal shazar said...

thank you for letting me know. you are doing a great service! i am a big fan of the kaight shop in nyc. thoughtfulness rules!

all the best to you.

Abigail Doan said...

you are so welcome. don't even get me started on how fabulous and essential kaight shop nyc is. the woman behind the enterprise is even more amazing, as you surely already know.

love your art & music as well,

best wishes ~ a.