Monday, December 6, 2010

Art SCRAP Fashion by Danny Mansmith

I have been friends with Chicago-based textile and fiber artist, Danny Mansmith, for several years now. We originally found each other on Neoimages, where we were the first textile artists to create online art portfolios. Danny and I bonded instantly due to our mutual passion for recycling textile scraps and unanchored flotsam that circulates through the domestic sphere.
I recently found this great image from one of Danny's folk-art inspired solo show installations, and in true Mansmithing fashion, he recycled the exhibition's textiles yet again by transforming the ceiling strips into 'frayed primitive' necklaces now available on etsy.
Danny Mansmith's SCRAP textile necklaces

If you are on the hunt for unique textile art and wearables for holiday gift giving, consider supporting artists and designers who not only use materials resourcefully, but also craft in a manner that redefines fashion for all and domestic bliss. 

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jessica said...

wow, i love his stuff!
i took a good long time looking through his Etsy store and found so many amazing things. i wish he had another white collar like the one you pictured! but in its absence i am in LOVE with his samuari belt