Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogger Style Now: Native Kee

'Native Kee' in action
If you wonder what sort of journey I am taking you on, welcome to the world of Native Kee. I would not really call Kee's blog a 'blog'. It is more of an online inspiration board that delves deep into all things beautiful, raw, complex, and life-affirming. It's also about the senses - those we have forgotten and those we need to connect with as part of a native tradition.
Alexander McQueen knit dress & fresh eggs

Kee is 'searching for beauty', and she does this in a way that peels back the layers of convention and complacency. This process not only informs her lovely work as a designer but also makes her a very real and alluring person. She humbly invites you into her world, coaxes you to play in the sunshine and on new shores, but this free-spirit never overlooks the big issues that drive her to create and craft a complex journey. 
Photo by Harper Smith

Visit Loup Charmant to learn more about Kee's labor of love.
Her journey is a sumptuous collage that will patch and soothe whatever ails you and yours.

*all images courtesy of Native Kee


Anonymous said...

Lady- I J'adore your eye and skills for finding all things interesting! Style crush, Artists crush, girl crush! XO

Abigail Doan said...


It's my total pleasure to share this goodness. Kee's vision is totally contagious, in the best of ways ~ xo