Sunday, December 12, 2010

Green In The City: The Premier Eco-Selective Shopping Destination in Paris

It was a magically snowy day when I made my way to Green in the City at 7 Rue Malher in the fashionable Marais district of Paris. The city of lights had come to a complete standstill, but the radiant glow of proprietor Helene Sananikone's exquisite eco fashion boutique was a welcoming sanctuary after a whirlwind day of appointments and museum sight seeing.

Upon my arrival, Helene kindly offered me a soothing herbal tea that immediately worked wonders on my chilled fingers and toes. The browsing and shopping that followed was a true window onto some of the best names in European eco fashion as well as labels that we know and celebrate in the States: Beyond Skin, Camilla Norrback, Edun, Fin, Kami, LeAF, Loup Charmant, Matt & Nat, Misericordia, Nancy Dee, Rianne de Witte, Stella Pardo, Swedish Hasbeens, and VerediAum, to name a few.

Green in the City is a tremendous resource in a city that surely knows its fashion, though not necessarily of the sustainable genre. Helene has done a brilliant job of bringing together unique labels that epitomize the marriage of great cutting edge design and responsible practices. As the complete destination for green living essentials, she also has hand-picked some of her favorite organic beauty offerings and products, as well as adorable children's clothing collections from design labels such as Adri, Oeuf, and Lucien Zazou.

Some of my favorite Green in the City offerings included:

Stella Pardo alpaca soft and sensuous knits

My new organic cotton Loup Charmant Scoop Tank 
(in black, to add to the white one I covet)

Butter of London nail polishes (love my new 'Tea with the Queen' hue)

Festive holiday home eco-accessories by Reine Mère

Loved this Grecian style tunic by Misericordia

Swedish Hasbeens of the most  fashionable footwear variety

LeAF generation collection (my new graphic tee is the sweetest)

What more can I say? Green in the City is a must if you are lucky enough to be in Paris or on the European continent in general. Helene will ship select items, and word is that she will soon be updating her online shop. I also want to send a special thanks to Eva Anastasia and Amira Marion for being such wonderful hosts during my stay in Paris. The future of sustainable fashion seems bright and bold with such capable women doing such wonderful things in France. I am just thankful that I am able to be part of it from my perch in Sofia.

Visit Green in the City to learn more and shop the beauty within.


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Great - I've just booked in a traincation to France so can pop in to check this out in the spring.

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thanks so much for including Loup Charmant! big kiss and happy holidays!