Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merci Concept Store in Paris

Another must visit shopping destination in Paris is the stunning concept store, Merci. The uber-hip Colette has been on everyone's radar for years now, but something about Merci is a wee bit warmer and unpretentious in style. The designer labels and houseware/gift offerings are thoughtfully curated and the space itself is an oasis in a city that is sometimes rather rich and overwhelming for one's palette. Merci remedies all of this by not overpopulating it's open floor space with luxury goods galore.
I met my dear friend Amira Marion for hot chocolate in Merci's librairie-style cafe, and the scene is warm and inviting, with the option to pour through old volumes of books and classic paperbacks. The waiters are refreshingly friendly and polite as well. 
Not everything at Merci is 'green' but the overall feeling is surely organic in spirit, with impeccable attention to detail. It is no surprise perhaps that the proprietors are the owners of Bonpoint, the exquisite baby and children's boutique known around the globe.

My favorite purchase at Merci was this Din-Ink cutlery set by ZO-loft design. This was such a coincidence as I have been in dialogue with Din-Ink's designers ever since I first reviewed their great products on Inhabitat in 2008. I am now perfectly equipped for my next travel destination as a writer who can easily transform her inexpensive ballpoint pen set into dining instruments of the chicest variety.

Visit Merci at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
*images 1 and 3 above courtesy of Nothing Elegant

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