Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pocket Tablecloths by ZO_Loft Design

If entertaining during the holidays leaves you a bit lackluster in terms of novel table setting ideas, consider these pocket tablecloths by ZO_loft architecture and design. Crafted in Italy out of unique local fabrics and 100% organic cotton denim, this innovative design allows any host/ess to fashion mealtime in a manner that keeps the tabletop clutter-free and chic. 
Created as part of ZO_loft's new 'Pop Hand Made' line, there is even a zip-in insert for extending the length of the cloth for additional guests or elegant buffet presentations.
Cutlery and stemware can be neatly arranged alongside pockets and loop straps for guests' keys, cellphones, and personal items. Not only is this a great conversation starter for sit-down dinners, but you will be able to add a smart functional touch to any occasion by dressing up your existing furniture and china. Styles come in Granny, Morisse, Moody, Pluggy, and Terry TrOWEL. Created in partnership with A. Lancia.
*all images courtesy of ZO_loft

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