Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Inspirational Sites For 2011

exquisite embroidery courtesy of Alabama Chanin

Art Cloth Text/Mackenzie Frere

Danyelle/Jill Danyelle

Jule Knuepfer photo courtesy of EcoFashionTalk

Eco Fashion Talk/Sass Brown

Goodlifer/Johanna Bjork

photo courtesy of Marcella Echavarria

photo courtesy of the Permacouture Institute blog

Social Alterations/Mary Hanlon

The Square Project/Tara St. James

Welcome to 2011 and the fresh white expanse of the unknown. I am sharing some of my favorite links to the art/fashion blogs and websites where I gain my daily inspiration and the fuel to press on during more difficult times.

Ecco*Eco is 'simply' a (non-commercial) space for creating community and shared ideas. I want to make sure that you know that I am working on your behalf so that you can keep doing the amazing work that you do. I want us all to succeed in making this world a more beautiful and sustainable place. 

Folks often ask me how I raise two toddlers, live in multiple cities, tend to aging family, write on a weekly basis, create art, and try to give back. It is all possible because I do not see any other way of living. Doing one makes the other possible. I want you to soak up this vast landscape as well as you cast your net out over 2011. 

Let's do it. I am itching to get started.

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