Sunday, January 23, 2011

Berlin Fashion Week: KM/A at The KEY.TO

(polaroid snapshots by Abigail Doan)

Fiber and textile junkie that I am, I was completely smitten with the Viennese fashion design duo, Katha Harrer and Michael Ellinger of KM/A, during this past week's visit to The KEY.TO at Berlin Fashion Week. Their hand-crafted frocks and military style coats are impeccably crafted out of small scraps of 60's parachute material as well as used wool army blankets from various countries. KM/A's designs are true works of art, and create beautiful silhouettes, even on a hanger. Designed for both men and women, they are substantial sculptural forms that are quite wearable as well.

I love that the stitching on the surface of these garments creates such a gorgeous texture map. A mysterious journey into the life of the cast-off materials artfully recycled in each creation.

*Visit KM/A's website to learn more

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