Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beyond Dress Codes Gets Primordial

'Blind Adam by Thanos Kyriakides' via Diane Pernet

With all of this recent talk about the creative streamlining and re-crafting of one's wardrobe, I cannot help but to be ensnared by this fab piece by Thanos Kyriakides. As part of the Beyond Dress Codes exhibition that recently moved from Athens to Thessaloniki, this knotted string 'caftan' suggests that if we know ourselves well we might be able to look and feel amazing in the most elemental ensemble. Recent criticisms about the rather outdated term 'eco-fashion', as well as the excessive reporting on 'creative re-use' in fashion, leads me to believe that our primordial selves really crave the wild side of 'eco' without the jargon and backwash. Perhaps it is time to admit that natural materials and sustainable pursuits should be allowed the same sex appeal as mainstream glam amazons. Let's just not be fabulous.

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